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Aunty Kel's Story

A passion to serve quality food

Having started at the age of 12, cooking up a great meal has always been both therapeutic and joyful for Aunty Kel. Now at 76, she continues to serve not just her family but many others who have come to love her delicious, home cooked meals that are rich in flavours and spices. 

Aunty Kel truly believes in using clean and authentic ingredients that are free from added preservatives, without compromising on taste. All of Aunty Kel's condiments and spices are made in small batches using only the freshest of ingredients.

Her bestseller, the Spicy Anchovy Relish, can be enjoyed as a delicious condiment on its own. It can also serve as a zesty flavouring with rice, salad, pizza, pasta and wraps. Her homemade Garam Masala, an aromatic blend of ground spices, can be used as an all-purpose seasoning in curries, meat and vegetable dishes. 

Aunty Kel will be launching more products very soon. Stay tuned!

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