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Condiment and Spice Raya Gift Set

Gift your friends and family with lovely homemade condiments and spices by Aunty Kel's. 

All our products are made using the freshest of ingredients with no added preservatives and no artificial colouring. 


You may select from the following options: 

1. All Condiments Set - 1 Spicy Anchovy, 1 Spicy Shrimp, 1 Spicy Vegetarian Anchovy 

2. All Spices Set - 1 Garam Masala, 1 Fish Masala, Chilli Powder

3. Condiment & Spice Set - 1 Spicy Anchovy, 1 Spicy  Shrimp, 1 Garam Masala

4. Vegetarian Set - 1 Spicy Vegetarian Anchovy, 1 Garam Masala, 1 Fish Masala


Raya Gift Set - Box of 3

  • We ship across Malaysia. 

    Shipping Cost will be subject to the total weight of products purchased. The shipping cost will be displayed on the Cart Page.

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